There a many ways in which Brokers benefit from Agent's Equity. Here are a few examples:

No Risk
Agent's Equity does not hold the broker responsible for an advance received by one of his or her sales people. In the event that an advance is taken on a sale that doesn't close, it is the sales person’s responsibility to replace the funds with future business.

Not Being The Bank
Requesting advances on commissions is common. We often hear from brokers about how agents regard them as if they were banks themselves. Brokers who provide this type of service personally are forced to draw on their own lines of credit, which can create a tenuous situation if a sale falls through. With Agent's Equity, Brokers now have a third party option that they can readily recommend with no risk or personal liability.

Being able to offer a new recruit immediate payment of their sales commissions is a great way to attract them to your company. In fact, some Brokers are paying the financing costs associated with a sales associate's first advance as an incentive to join their company.

Paying Down Accounts Receivable
When a sales associate requests an Agent's Equity advance, the Broker has the opportunity on each transaction to split the proceeds between the company and the sales associate. This option is highly beneficial to Brokers who are looking to reduce accounts receivable.

Simply making Agent's Equity advances available is a great option for sales associates from time to time when issues of cash flow arise. The result is that they perceive the Broker to be providing better value-added services than the competition.

To begin offering Agent's Equity advances to your sales associates, please call 1-800-331-9756 or e-mail us at info@agentsequity.com and we'll open your company account, free of charge.

 Jan 22, 2020 - 9:10 AM
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